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Teaching and Learning

Primary (4- 11 years)

Classes: Acorn, Blossom, Conkers, Ash, Willow

Primary is led by Ms Kirsten Davies

We currently have five Primary classes who are taught in small classes by their class teacher and specialist TAs.

The Primary Phase strives to provide a well-planned, vibrant, broad curriculum which is underpinned by a knowledge of each individual child and an understanding of the ways in which each child learns. A thematic approach to learning allows children to develop transferable skills and knowledge.
Children are offered a variety of activities and resources appropriate to their age and are encouraged to increase independence in order to take a more active part in their learning with the view of moving towards Phase One in Year 7.


Phase One (11- 14 years)

Classes: Adventurers, Explorers, MG, OW, CP, WH, HY, SK, AGW, AME

Phase One is currently led by Mr Mark Botterill

A thematic curriculum continues to run throughout Phase One. The themes can be found on the overview document, and currently include Aztecs, Fire and Festivals and On the Farm.

Year 7 students are taught in three classes, with their class teacher and specialist TAs delivering the majority of their timetable. Subject specialists deliver PE and Expressive Arts lessons.

Year 8 and Year 9 students are taught in six classes. Class teachers teach all subjects except for PE, Science, design and technology and Expressive Arts, which are taught by subject specialists. There is flexibility within the timetable for the tutors to decide when English, Maths, PSHE, ICT and Theme are taught – this is based on the needs of the students. Staff have been given guidance with regards to the amount of hours that must be covered over the course of the year for each subject.

All classes also access Outdoor Learning sessions linked to the current Themes.


Phase Two (14- 16 years)

Classes: JY, JBS, TW, CF, SG, Voyagers

Phase Two is run by Miss Rebecca Tobitt

The Phase Two curriculum is based around promoting independence and choice. There is a wide range of accreditation available for all students, ranging from GCSEs to Entry Level Awards.
Students are set by academic ability in English, Maths and Science, although consideration is also given to the social and emotional needs of each student. Alongside these subjects, students are taught PE, ICT, design and technology, PSHE, RE and Outdoor Learning. Where appropriate, these are all delivered by subject specialists.
In addition to our ‘core offer’, students access a variety of independent living lessons, all of which are accredited by AIM Awards.

Phase Two and Post-16 opportunities
Students from Phase Two upwards have the opportunity to access links with local colleges and work placements. These are arranged on a ‘needs-led’ basis and are constructed around their future college destinations.


Post 16 (16- 19 years)

Classes: SH, SHN, DA, NLO, JM, GW, GR

Post 16 is currently led by Mrs Angela Smith

The Post-16 curriculum has three strands; a Personal Progress pathway for our socially/emotionally less able students; continuation and growth of the AIM Awards pathway for our ‘core’ students working at Entry 1, 2 and 3; and a Skills for Employment and Further Learning pathway for our more able students working at Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2. All three strands are accredited through AIM Awards, ensuring stability for students and staff.

Personal Progress Pathway
These students are mainly taught by one member of staff in a ‘base’ style setting, much like Phase 1. This member of staff teaches English, Maths and personal development skills. The students join the rest of Post-16 for selected option blocks and PE. Where appropriate, individual students join the ability set groups for English and Maths to ensure they are given the opportunity to achieve higher levels of accreditation.
The purpose of this way of teaching is to enable the students to develop their social, emotional and independence skills at a pace that suits them, with an effective member of staff who understands their needs.
The students have additional lessons in communication skills and life skills, such as basic cooking.

Core Pathway
This pathway is for the majority of our students in Post-16. They will access three hours of both Maths and English, where they will be appropriately ability set. Their timetable also includes PE and Social Enterprise.
The majority of their time is spent in life skills blocks, which are designed around the AIM Awards Certificate/Diploma in Independent Living. These help students to develop key life and working skills. They also access PSHE via the ‘Personal Development’ aspect of the timetable.

Skills for Employment and Further Learning pathway
This pathway has been designed to meet the needs of the growing number of ‘more able’ students choosing to stay on into Post-16. Generally, these students will have taken at least one GCSE in Year 11.
They join the Core pathway for Maths, English and PE.
The remainder of their time is either spent in life skills blocks with the Core where they focus on achieving the Award/Certificate in Skills for Employment and Further Learning; with their assigned class tutor working on vocational pathways; at college on individualised programmes or on extended work placements.
College, work placements and aspects of their tutor work will be based on the destinations of these students.